Ultra Light

4 - 15 MPH

Specialty Kite

This is the best light wind kite on the market today! This kite is capable of flying stronger in lighter wind conditions without the use of a helium balloon.




5 - 25 MPH Ultimate Kite

All-Purpose Kite

This Ultimate Kite is the best all around kite on the market today. Due to its versatility, this is a common kite of choice for most anglers.



40 Small Holes

12 - 30 MPH Tournament Series

Specialty Kite

This kite was designed for specific wind conditions resulting in greater stability and lower line tensions. It's a popular kite among Tournament Fisherman.


40 Large Holes

20 - 30 MPH Tournament Series

Specialty Kite

This kite is a niche kite to be used where two kites are flown. It's purpose is to hold its relative position and maintain its spread under gustier conditions.



25+ MPH Extra Heavy Tournament Series

Specialty Kite

This kite is for extreme heavy wind conditions.



Center Piece


Standard Spars

Spar designation

Ultralight Spars

Spar designation




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